the Psychedelic Acoustic Theatre "pataq" is a one-man live looping act - no backing tracks allowed!
plays danceable beats, relaxed grooves, jazzy flutelines, swingy clarinet tunes and other sounds in an experimental way


2014-06-12 - All 7 tracks from the EP "asis vol.1" on soundcloud!

2014-06-05 - Two new songs again on soundcloud!

2014-06-02 - Two new songs released on soundcloud!

2014-03-24 - Recording new songs - will release (some of) them online soon!

2014-02-24 - playing live at Lehenmattstrasse 101 in Basel on 15th of March! Be prepared for lots of new sounds, ranging from jazz tunes to postrock stuff!

2013-12-12 - playing live again at Rossmatte, Vermes, open house of REFLEmotion! On 5th of January.

2013-09-27 - added some streams I recorded recently - check out here!

2013-06-01 - playing live on 9th of June at a Vernissage in Vermes - check out here!


asis vol.1

upcoming concerts

past concerts

2014-03-15Lehenmattstrasse 101Basel
2014-01-05RossmattVermes JU
2013-06-08RossmattVermes JU


soon, you can get the stage rider here:


Matthias Edel, Basel, Schweiz